Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Well its been a very busy few months since our move to Hanover House, Hanover Street, Liverpool. Our clients have been impressed by the improved level service they recieve from reception. Following on from the Olympics, I ve been busy helping the next generation of Olympic hopefuls, it never ceases to amaze me how dedicated these people are. Hypnotherapy and NLP can have many uses in sport which range from helping injury recovery, pre performance anxiety, improving technique and self belief. Sports performance hasnt been the only the increase, I am seeing more and more clients suffering with anxiety and depression, due to the financial strains the continuing recession brings with it. Many managers, business owners and heads of departments, as well as employees are looking for assistance in these difficult times. My fear is with Christmas fast approaching, peoples leve of anxiety will begin to increase due to the expectations of the festive period.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

We've moved to Hanover House, Hanover Street

Well its been a while since I ve written on my blog, however, I will be posting more often to keep you all up to date with what has been happening with my practice, general news about Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching and Psychotherapy. Here are a couple of things that have happened and are happening at the moment, the first thing to tell you all is that we have moved from 88 Rodney Street to Hanover House. We listened to a number of our clients and their comments regarding our previous office and decided to move the practice to the 5th Floor, Hanover House. We have been here a couple of weeks now and have settled in really well. Our clients can expect a warm welcome from the reception staff here and we will be developing our new office over the coming months, I will keep you all posted. The Transformation Hypnotherapy website is in the process of being updated and will include my new list of qualifications, one of which is a Certificate in Professional Coaching. Although I ve not really advertised my service as a Coach, apart from a small page on my website, I have combined my unique management skills, my NLP qualifications and now my coaching certification to ooach a number of Executives, Heads of Department and Business Owners over the last year or so. However, my coaching skills are not just limited to Business Coaching. I am combiniing my skills and experience to help a number of people wanting to achieve for themselves. One of the most popular services both Jane, Jane Ezra Personal Training and myself have been working on is a combined weight loss package. The package includes Personal Training, Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Coaching - We've had some truly amazing results! If you would like to know more why not give me a call on 0151 201 8167 or email me - Over the next 6 months, I will be extending the range of services I offer to my clients, again I will keep you posted as and when they are beginning to happen.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

UK Leading Hypnotherapists, Liverpool Leading Hypnotherapist, etc

Over the last few months I have seen various claims from other Hypnotherapists claiming to be UK Leading Hypnotherapists, Liverpool Top Hypnotherapist,Liverpool Leading Hypnotherapist Master Hypnotherapists, etc

I would suggest to all of those people looking to seek the services of a Hypnotherapist to be wary of these claims. If in doubt, always ask for a copy of their qualifications, dont be afraid to ask questions, e.g. when they qualified? How long have they been in practice? How many hypnotherapy clients have they seen? Many of the people who claim to have a vast amount of experience working with people often come from other 'helping' professions, this does not necessarily mean they have a large amount of hypnotherapy experience, which is an entirely different modality altogether.

Many hypnotherapists have given themselves the grandest titles such as master, advanced or medical hypnotherapist or will claim that one form of therapy is superior to another. These statements are generally subjective and are therefore unreliable. You may often find it is the more experienced therapists with the least grandest of titles.

The National Council for Hypnotherapy, one of the leading national hypnotherapy organisations maintains a register of hypnotherapist that have attained a high level of training through an externally accredited diploma such as the HPD. Their website is

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

An Update

I thought I would give everyone a bit of an update on what I ve been doing over the last 6 months or so to improve the services I offer my clients.

For those clients who have been to see me before, they may remember I was in the basement of 88 Rodney Street, well, over the last few months I have moved up upstairs into the main house, this was due to the noise level increasing downstairs with Genie in the Gutter putting on more activities for their clients. The room I' ve moved to is on the 2nd floor of the house and I must say is a lot quieter than the room downstairs. There is a lift or stairs to the office, and my fitness levels have increased over the last few months due to me opting to walk the stairs! For those of you on Facebook, the office can be viewed on my pictures.

I now have a base in Liscard on the Wirral, due to me seeing more and more clients from the Wirral and surrounding areas. I spend a couple of days a week over on the Wirral and the remaining days in Rodney Street. If you would like to see me at my Wirral practice, please let me know when you phone. I answer all your calls personally, unless I am with a client but there is an option to leave a message or use the Call Back facility on the website.

You can now follow me on Twitter, which I endeavour to update at least 2 or 3 times a day, the updates include the types of clients I am seeing, where I am (Rodney Street or Wirral), hints and tips, as well as words of encouragement. However, be rest assured no client information is ever disclosed to any members of the public due to great emphasis I put on my client's confidentiality.

My Twitter name is NeilFoster2, somebody already beat me to Neil Foster!

Along with Twitter, there is a Transformation Hypnotherapy Facebook page, it is a bit of a 'work in progress' at the moment, but in the coming weeks I will upload videos, lots of hints and tips, aswell as a few discussions for people to join in.

You Tube - I have uploaded approximately 20 videos on You Tube on various subjects from the Myths and Misconceptions of Hypnosis to how my Smoking Cessation sessions work. So why not have a look? Just search 'Transformation Hypnotherapy' in You Tube. I will upload some of the videos, if not all onto my blog in the next few months.

As you can see, I've been quite busy over the last few months, seeing clients and setting up new offices, moving, and social media but it's all been fun.

Look out for the new services I'll be offering over the next few months, including group Weight Loss sessions, Sports workshops, Natal Hypnotherapy Classes and Coaching workshops.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The World Cup and Anger Management

Well its the big game tomorrow. Will England do it or not?

Obviously, it can go one of two ways. What if it goes the wrong way and the unmentionable happens?

Research has shown that incidences of domestic violence rise when the World Cup is on.

Originating from Liverpool, and from a family that was divided between the blue side and the red side of Merseyside, I can fully understand the highs and lows of football. Isn't that what makes the beautiful game so great?

However, what can we do to stem the rise of those unwanted emotions, such as anger.

Anger is our bodys reaction to a percieved danger. It comes not only with psychological reactions but also physical reactions, such as increased blood pressure and increased adrenalin flow.

Over the years I have learnt a number of techniques that can help us change our emotional state, which I will share with you all:

1. Change the environment - Go for a walk, get out of the house, bar or wherever you are until you calm down.

2. Find a safe place to vent your anger - go somewhere quiet and shout out loud, stamp on some soft drink cans, break a cup or plate (obviously do it as safely as you can!). I have a punchbag at home which is excellent for reducing any anger.

3. Exercise - Exercise is a fantastic way of eliminating anger, as long as it is done in a safe way.

4. Count to 10, this actually does work! It helps you step away from the situation before you speak or take action you will later regret (perhaps Wayne Rooney should try this one).

5. Reframe your anger, take a step back and learn from it, or change it into a postive. For example, the England Players will be fresher for the start of the Premiership when it starts in August.

If anger becomes an unmanageable emotion in your life, it may be time to seek the help of a professional. Hypnotherapy and NLP are excellent ways of assisting clients deal with anger issues.

I hope we will all be celebrating an England victory tomorrow.

Until next time


Monday, 14 June 2010

World Cup Fever

Well its begun.

World Cup Fever has started, but what a disappointing start for England and Robert Green. How many of us have made an error like that? Just when we think everything is as it should be, life takes an unexpected turn and the ball bobbles into the goal!

So how do we get over something like that? How does Robert Green get over it?

Well, hypnosis and NLP can help, and I would dare say some of the sports psychologists the England team has taken over with them will be using NLP and hypnosis techniques to rebuild Robert Green's confidence. I have myself used similar techniques for both professional and semi professional sports people, these have included equestrian sports people, golfers and semi professional footballers.

So how can you get over something like a mistake at world football's biggest stage?

Here's how I would do it if Robert Green came to see me.

1. I would begin by using ego strengthening to restrengthen his dented confidence, and give post hypnotic suggestions for him to repeat, to give a surge of energy and confidence before and during the match.

2. State control would be taught using NLP Anchoring, which is a conditioning technique to assist clients to access resourceful emotional states when required, such as concentration, confidence and focus.

3. Relaxation techniques can be taught to keep the client in a relaxed state, to reduce nervous energy before the game and during half time.

4. The NLP Fast Phobia Cure could be used to help stop the client playing the mistake over and over again in their mind, which would affect their emotional state before the next game.

There are other techniques too numerous to mention, but hopefully this gives you some idea of how hypnotherapeutic techniques and NLP can help even with the most pressurised circumstances, and lets face it, it probably doesn't come any bigger than the first game of the World Cup.

If you have any questions or comments, why not give me a call or drop me an email.

Until next time


Monday, 7 June 2010

Sports Hypnosis

Sports Performance

Professional or Amateur – are you getting the best out of your game?

Sport in the 21st century is moving into a new era, where an athlete’s mental performance is as equally important as their physical performance. The difference between winning or losing, between enjoying the game or struggling to achieve a satisfying result, depends on it!

For the average person hypnosis cannot turn you into a world champion. Other things other than mental training are involved such as skill, physical attributes. However, no matter what your sport is, hypnosis can you help you achieve better results.

Power of the Mind

As we learn more about the human brain, we begin to appreciate just how strong out mental skills need to be to support our physical skill, Every thought and every action emanates from our brains, and how we think and how we act is determined by what happens in our heads. Which is why it pays to devote the time and effort to improving our mental performance, as well as working on our physical conditioning.

To train the body to the limits of its capabilities without simultaneously training the mind is to invite, at best, mediocrity. Sports psychologists have claimed that forOlympic teams, 80 percent of an athlete’s performance is in the mind. This belief has been echoed by championship players in virtually every form of competition.

What the Mind can do

Mental rehearsal, also termed visualization, can create and reaffirm the confidence necessary to achieve top performance. The picture visualized in the mind can
convince the subconscious that achievement is possible. The automatic nervous system performs in exactly the same manner followed during a physical rehearsal. Neuro muscular coordination improves. What your mind can conceive, you can achieve. If you can think it and see it in your mind, you can do it !
What can be accomplished through the powers of the mind ? Perhaps most important is the development of positive attitudes. Negative thoughts pertaining to
performance skills can be changed or eliminated. Enjoyment of the sport will be enhanced to a major degree as skills improve to the point where intermittent
incidents of poor performance no longer arouse irritation, anger, discouragement or detrimental emotional reaction. Concentration, coordination, technique all can improve as well as awareness of proper form and posture. Sports enthusiasts face the same stumbling blocks that people have to deal with in other areas of life – business,personal relationships, achievement of goals and ambitions. The biggest of all is fear, and fear comes in many forms. Fear of failure is always restrictive and is very common in sports, as is its hidden partner, fear of success – an apprehension that success can create the expectation (among others) of further improvement. Fear of humiliation can be strong. Many golfers experience near terror on the first tee where people may be watching. The first drives. Competition can produce sensations of intimidation resulting in deterioration of skills.
Hypnotherapy, or properly learned and applied self –hypnosis, can work to reduce or eliminate the mental obstacles to peak performance in sport activities. This is
an area in which the truth of the phrase “what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve” becomes highly evident.

The Steps to Achievement

The goal of hypnosis in its applications is not learning or acquisition of the basic skills involved, though these could be helped through hypnosis as used in enhancing
learning skills. The goal is to enable the athlete to achieve the best personal level, performing at peak. As with virtually all hypnosis, the first step must be
relaxation. Relaxation to a level appropriate for the implanting of hypnotic suggestion is not really resting. It is deep, and can be brought about through a hypnotherapist. Goal – setting is essential. Without having an objective, it is pointless to begin a task, project or trip. Athletes, coaches or therapists or a combination there of may set goals. It is important for goals to be specific, focused on the area in which improvement is desired. Playing better tennis is not a valid goal. Improving a serve or backhand is a goal. Goals must be short – term Achievable and step-by-step, so that both success and completion are experienced. Concentration is vitally important, and sometimes
difficult to develop. Hypnotherapy has long been an effective means of improving concentration capabilities. Distractions must be eliminated. Post –hypnotic cues may prove useful in stimulating both concentration and specific skills. Visualization, not just in mental rehearsing, but at the moment of performance can produce dramatic results. Finally, mental rehearsal is the ultimate key to superlative performance. It can prove more productive than physical practice. Imagery is not merely visual in nature; it can include all the senses. In a diving competition, the form of the dive is visual; the smell of the chlorine water is olfactory; the wetness of the entry is sensory, the cheers of the crowd are auditory. Perfection requires the use of all senses.

My Approach

I employ a fresh, new approach to the ‘mental game’, utilizing the athlete’s own internal resources. It combines the latest thinking in sports psychology with Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP techniques that stimulate the subconscious mind, mobilizing its tremendous power to unlock the door to successful performance.

Every athlete, whether a champion or not, has internal resources. The secret to fulfilling your potential is to access those inner resources and put them to work. Employing Sports Hypnosis techniques leads to improved performance and the opportunity to play to your true abilities. With sufficient effort, it enables an athlete to play consistently ‘in the zone’.

Why not give me a call or drop me an email to see if I can help you improve your game.

Until next time